About “LIFE in Lincoln”

What is “LIFE in Lincoln?”

“LIFE in Lincoln” is a media resource of news articles, photographs and feature stories about the people, places and events in Lincoln, California. While larger media outlets may focus on larger markets, “LIFE in Lincoln” concentrates attention on the specific topics relevant to residents of Lincoln.

The city of Lincoln has experienced significant changes in the last dozen years. Once known as a small, remote town of 11,000 residents, Lincoln mushroomed rapidly into a mid-sized city within a decade. The number of homes quadrupled. With the economic downturn and real estate collapse in 2008, many of these new homes have changed ownership. It would have been easy for Lincoln to lose its identity during these changes, however the residents of the city continue to maintain its historical connection and small-town feel.

The best way to describe Lincoln’s identity is to share the stories about its residents, the things they do, the things they care about and the many ways they continue the tradition of the city.

“LIFE in Lincoln” tells those stories.

Feel free to participate in the interaction – post a Reply to a story with your perspective. All we ask is that you keep it civil. Comments are moderated and we won’t allow comments that are commercially-related, off-topic, offensive, threatening, or violate anyone’s civil rights.

Sharing these stories carries great responsibility. “LIFE in Lincoln” promises to uphold the  journalistic values of accuracy, balance and independence. If you see something you believe is incorrect, please notify us by using the Reply option in each article – the more information you can provide, the better.

If you have an idea for a story, please let us know.


“LIFE in Lincoln” is produced by Ron Nabity. If you’d like to reach me, send an email to: ron.nabity(at)gmail(dot)com. (Sorry for the cryptogram, but this way you can send me an email and spammers won’t.)

2 comments on “About “LIFE in Lincoln”

  1. -what a great & refreshing look into Lincoln, much needed. It’s nice to see photos and stories without the small town politics that come with the local paper.

    Tom Silko


  2. What a great website. I agree with Tom, refreshing to have a place of interest, community events without the politics, someone writing and posting about fun events and happenings, local interest, upbeat; the hidden, not normally mentioned in the big papers. Thank you.


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