8 comments on “McCann family lights up the countryside

  1. Ron,

    This article is so Fantastic! You captured everything perfectly! Thank you for your interest in our display and for sharing it with others! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL as well as the article!

    -The McCann Family


  2. My husband and I have lived in rural Lincoln for eight years. Last night we visited this spectacular Christmas display for the first time. Many thanks to the McCann family for sharing their wondrous Yuletide light show. They truly personify the meaning of Christmas.


  3. Tonight 12.24.13 was my families first visit to your light display, and all I can say is WOW. It was amazing. We will be adding this light display to our must see light display every year. Thank you for putting sharing this with us.


  4. We would like to thank everyone who visited our home and shared the magical evening of walking through the lights. It is truly our gift to the community to share this special time, putting smiles on the faces of all ages and bringing joy to many. A special thank you to Ron for the pictures and the article showcasing the display so many could experience the magic.


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