4 comments on “Independence Day – Big events with a small town feel

  1. Very nice album – great feel for the event! Now, if you want to see a really small town 4th of July parade and celebration come to Redmond, Oregon…….we got flatbed trailers with square dancers!

    So when you go out to shoot something like this do you with one camera and one lens or multiples? I always seem to have the wrong lens at the time!

    Loved the fire truck pic and the girl with the flag at the parade!


    • Thanks, Jerry. Redmond sounds/looks like fun.

      I had two cameras with me at the parade – one with a wide zoom and one with a long zoom. You’re right, with one camera it’s always the other lens I want. I am using Olympus EM-5 cameras for events. They are micro 4/3 sensors (a little smaller than a DSLR) and they are mirrorless, so smaller, quieter and lighter. All good advantages and the image quality is very good.


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